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Our Story


My name is Hilary Weeks and I am a wife, mother, singer, songwriter, aspiring cook, mostly-dedicated-exerciser and...



Billionclicks.org began with a single click...and that first click was simply an experiment. 


I heard someone say we think over 300 negative thoughts a day.  I was compelled to find out if that was true.  So I bought a clicker - and started counting.  Each day for one week, I clicked and counted my negative thoughts.  After seven days of clicking each discouraging, gloomy, depressing thought -

With that realization, the experiment changed.  What would happen if I clicked all of my positive, uplifting, optimistic thoughts?  Would I feel positive, uplifted and optimistic?


That is exactly what happened.  Clicking heightened feelings of 

(Follow the link to watch a short video clip explaining my clicking experience.)


The concept of "clicking" has spread.  Thousands of people have become "clickers" - noticing and giving power to every positive, encouraging, motivating thought through clicking.


And now, we invite you to join us! 

Flood your mind, life, home, community...and the world with optimism.  We will measure our clicks as we click toward one billion - but the results of our clicking will be immeasurable.


Think of the impact one positive thought can have.  Now multiply that by a BILLION and watch the world around us change.


(You can help us spread the word.  Click here to learn how.)