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Heather (Virginia)

I am a mother of five children, one darling daughter and four dashing sons. When I am not wrangling with their schedules, I can be found teaching my 25 piano students, substitute teaching or RUNNING! I am a ten time marathoner with 5 dreamy "Boston" races under my belt. I run for peace. I run for fun. I run to eat. Speaking of eating, I have a passion for chips and guacamole, hummus and CANDY (any kind will do). I love being inspired. Music, nature, words, strangers, friends and a loving Heavenly Father grant me inspiration daily. How grateful I am for it.

Shasta (Texas)

Howdy from the great state of Texas! I am married to my best friend and we are enjoying every day with our 3 silly children. I enjoy cooking, gardening, and not sweating the small (or dirty) stuff! I believe that life is 90% attitude and 10% what happens to you.

Shannon (Oregon)

I write from my home by the sea in Seaside Oregon. I am dedicated to improving the lives of women and children and I love to serve others. I have worked as a domestic/sexual assault crisis worker, trauma recovery specialist and in many other capacities. Currently I follow my passions by writing for BillionClicks.org, FamilyShare.com, spending time with her family, serving at church, running on the beach and being a generally all around positive person.


I grew up in the northwest and am currently settled in Utah with my husband and four sons. I love writing and especially love learning from other people's inspiring examples. I teach preschool and also work at a residential treatment center for teenage girls. I love reaching out to struggling youth. In my spare time I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet. I also enjoys reading, hiking (in perfect weather conditions), and spending time with my family.

Hilary (Utah)

I love anything coconut - especially coconut ice cream! (I felt like I should start with the most important information first!) My husband and I have been married for 21 years and have four beautiful, fun-loving daughters. My favorite thing in the whole world is to be with my family - it doesn't matter if we are working or playing - I just love being together. I am also a scrap-booker, singer, songwriter, wanna-be-cook and dessert lover. We love living in Utah.

Rose Colored Glasses

Have you put on a pair of rose colored glasses lately?

If we look at everything through rose colored glasses, our perspective is rosy!

And so it is with a clicker!  Or the Live Positive app!

Recently while on vacation with my family, my son was handed a pair of glasses to protect his eyes while cutting wood.  He was loving the view from the glasses!


So I put them on to see what was SO wonderful!  And check out my view!



Very different from my normal perspective!  It has it’s own beauty.  Of course, my normal perspective has it’s own beauty as well,  IF I choose to see it.  Picture this same snapshot through a normal lens, and I bet you can imagine rich greens, browns, whites and blues.

Our world around us, and the circumstances we are in, do not have to change for us to see the beauty, gifts, blessings, and promises that are ours.  Right here.  Right now.  Make a conscious effort to appreciate what you have.  At times, we have to dig really deep to find the “rosy” outlook.  Other times we may be swept away by it.  But it’s always there.

Think. Click. Be…


Article by Rebecca Anderson, Billion Clicks Contributor