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Heather (Virginia)

I am a mother of five children, one darling daughter and four dashing sons. When I am not wrangling with their schedules, I can be found teaching my 25 piano students, substitute teaching or RUNNING! I am a ten time marathoner with 5 dreamy "Boston" races under my belt. I run for peace. I run for fun. I run to eat. Speaking of eating, I have a passion for chips and guacamole, hummus and CANDY (any kind will do). I love being inspired. Music, nature, words, strangers, friends and a loving Heavenly Father grant me inspiration daily. How grateful I am for it.

Shasta (Texas)

Howdy from the great state of Texas! I am married to my best friend and we are enjoying every day with our 3 silly children. I enjoy cooking, gardening, and not sweating the small (or dirty) stuff! I believe that life is 90% attitude and 10% what happens to you.

Shannon (Oregon)

I write from my home by the sea in Seaside Oregon. I am dedicated to improving the lives of women and children and I love to serve others. I have worked as a domestic/sexual assault crisis worker, trauma recovery specialist and in many other capacities. Currently I follow my passions by writing for BillionClicks.org, FamilyShare.com, spending time with her family, serving at church, running on the beach and being a generally all around positive person.


I grew up in the northwest and am currently settled in Utah with my husband and four sons. I love writing and especially love learning from other people's inspiring examples. I teach preschool and also work at a residential treatment center for teenage girls. I love reaching out to struggling youth. In my spare time I'm trying to teach myself how to crochet. I also enjoys reading, hiking (in perfect weather conditions), and spending time with my family.

Hilary (Utah)

I love anything coconut - especially coconut ice cream! (I felt like I should start with the most important information first!) My husband and I have been married for 21 years and have four beautiful, fun-loving daughters. My favorite thing in the whole world is to be with my family - it doesn't matter if we are working or playing - I just love being together. I am also a scrap-booker, singer, songwriter, wanna-be-cook and dessert lover. We love living in Utah.

Healthier…One Click at a Time



Meet Jani.












We’ve been friends for three years.  She is as good as having a clicker in my pocket.  She exudes positivity and happiness all. the. time.

I realized Jani was a clicker last Friday morning when we were driving together.  She pulled her lime green clicker out of her purse, clicked once, then put it right back.

“What was that for?” I asked incredulously.  Why had she only clicked one time?  Did she randomly have one happy thought?  Not two or twelve?  One?  When I am counting my positive thoughts I click and click and click!  I let my mind run wild with happy clickitive thoughts!  For Jani to go to the effort to click just once spurred my curiousity.

Her answer inspired me.

I think it might inspire you too.

So…in Jani’s own words…

I want to share with you how excited about my last two weeks of “clicking”!  I decided that I wanted to “click” every time I made a healthy choice.  The first week I clicked 39 times.  The second week I clicked 86 times – for  a total of 125 clicks.    The first week was fun but the second week was phenomenal.   I realized and became more aware of how many opportunities  I really had in a day to make a healthy choice.  It was amazing!  And the result?  I am much more conscientious of how I am taking care of my body and the number of choices I really have in a day AND I have lost 4.5 pounds.”


Listed below are just some of my clicks:


Walking or riding my bike to a neighbor’s home

Parking in the far corner of the parking lot

Eating more veggies at meal time

Healthy snacks

Every time I drink water

Eating breakfast

Putting moisturizer on my face at night

Going to bed earlier and getting more sleep

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator

Scraping almost all of the icing off my cupcake

Not stopping at fast food (I planned ahead and had a snack in my purse)

Or, If I do eat fast food, order the Kid’s Meal

Not eating the samples at Costco (that’s gotta be 500 calories right there!)

Portion control at meal time

If I need “seconds” at meal time – only veggies

Eating an open face sandwich thus cutting 90 calories for that top slice of bread

No eating late at night

Walking around the soccer field while I am waiting for my children’s games to start

Every time  I walk away from an unhealthy food

Every time I made a meal from scratch

Adding spinach and carrots to our morning smoothie

I am inspired…


I began clicking today for the very same reason – every time I made a healthy choice, I clicked.  I am up to 19 clicks.

It. Feels. Amazing.